X, 2014, 1

About Three Abbots of the Putna Monastery and a “Starets” of the Putna Hermitage | p. 305–322

abbot, Anthony, Gervasius, Nicephorus, Paisios, Putna Monastery


The present paper is concerned with three abbots of Putna Monastery and a hieroschemamonk who lived in the Putna Hermitage. First, the author talks about Gervasius, whom he conjectures to have held tenure in 1612. Second, he proves that Anthony, the future Bishop of Roman, was no longer an abbot in 1758. Next, the author shows that archimandrite Nicephorus ended his tenure right before the works of reconstruction of the Putna Monastery began. In his place Metropolitan Jacob of Putna appointed archimandrite Bartholomew Mazereanu on August 16, 1755. Finally, the author proves that hieroschemamonk Paisios from the Putna Hermitage was never a starets of the skete, instead he had been an abbot of the Saint Elijah Monastery, near Suceava, in the six decade of the 18th century.