VII, 2011, 1

About the Solidarities and the Lineage of the Boyars of Stephen the Great. Several Clarifications | p. 369–376

kinship, medieval Moldavia, noblemen, solidarity, treason


The present paper puts together a synthesis of several historical and genealogical findings from contributions published in the past years. Organized in family groups, some with diverse ethnical origins, some Moldavian boyars manifested solidarity in the country’s critical moments through initiatives especially meant to change the policy of the prince. Thus acted the boyars from the Arbure and Gănescu families, old boyar families solidary in political initiatives, or the Crasnăş family, relatives with the previous two, as well as the descendants of the Great Chancellor Ioan Tăutu. For instance, treasurer Crasnăş, beheaded by Petru Rareş in 1541, acted against the prince in a similar way his grandfather from the time of Stephen the Great, the palatine Crasnăş did. Against Stephen the Young, there acted, together with the Arbure boyars, also Dragotă Săcuianul, the son in law of Ioan Tăutu. Later on, Lupu Huhulea, the nephew of Dragotă Săcuianul, fought as well against the ruler of the country, Alexandru Lăpuşneanu. These simple genealogical facts emphasize possible political ambitions transmitted and inherited within certain groups of boyar families.