XIV, 2018, 2

Stephen the Great’s Epitrachelion from Pătrăuți. New Data | p. 211–228

embroidery, epitrachelion, Mary Voichița, Pătrăuți, Stephen the Great


The epitrachelion from Pătrăuți is one of the most important embroideries of the Romanian Middle Ages. The two embroidered portraits of the donors, Stephen the Great  and Lady Mary Voichița, are among the few original representations of these two figures. In the fifth decade of the last century, the epitrachelion was erroneously attributed to Voroneț Monastery. In 2005, upon a thorough research, Professor Ștefan S. Gorovei restored the truth, namely that the piece belonged to the church of Pătrăuți and that it never had any connection with Voroneț Monastery. The new documents presented in this article underscore this truth. We learn from them that in 1883 the epitrachelion was still in the parish church of Pătrăuți, after which, in 1886, it was sent by Father Theodore Danilovici to the Consistory in Cernăuți. One of the documents also brings new information about the epitrachelion’s iconography: it featured eight icons of saints standing under arches, an unknown detail from other sources.