XVII, 2021, 2

From Bunești to Bucharest. The Forgotten Epitaphios of Ștefan Tomșa II and the “fragile” History of Painted Liturgical Veils | p. 135–152

Holy Apostle Matthew, Lamentation of the Lord, liturgical veils, painted silk, Ștefan Tomșa II


The study discusses an unprecedented artistic typology in the context of the medieval patrimony of the Romanian Principalities: liturgical veils painted on silk with the theme of the Lamentation of the Lord. Descriptions of this type of pieces are scarce in specialized literature, and the surviving items are poorly preserved because of an extremely vulnerable working technique, which unfortunately condemns them to oblivion. Our research proposes the recovery of three such items kept in the collection of the National Museum of Art of Romania. They are among the few such textiles known to us. One of them, dating back to 1613, is meaningful for Prince Ștefan Tomșa II’s genealogy and especially for the iconography of the Lamentation of the Lord in Romanian art