XIV, 2018, 1

Benefactors of Putna Hermitage in the 18th Century. Prosopographical Notes | p. 285–308

Butucea family, Ganea family, Herescu family, Potlog family, prosopography, Putna Hermitage, Stamate family, Vârnav family


The diptychs of the worship places represent today a genuine source of information regarding the people of those times; however, to some extent, they might have no historical value if the long lists of names remain unidentified. The diptychs of Putna Hermitage, written in 1768, which our paper focuses on, is no exception. Therefore the main objective of this study is to identify some of the benefactors of this worship place as well as to draw up a brief prosopographical analysis of their lives and careers. The families mentioned here, more or less known within our historiography, are: Vârnav, Stamate, Ganea, Potlog, Butucea and Herescu, as they appear listed in the diptychs.