XIV, 2018, 2

The Copy of an Unknown Document from Stephen the Great and Several Observations about the Family of Boyar Michael “from Dorohoi” | p. 427–440

Alexander the Good, archives, document, Iuga the Crippled, Michael from Dorohoi, Petru Braevici, Sima Mihailovici, Stephen I, Stephen the Great, Vienna


After taking over the northwest of Moldavia, the Habsburg authorities started inventorying all assets of the boyars and of the monasteries from this territory and so they copied and translated the old princely charters. One such document is the princely charter from March 2, 1464 (6972), in which Stephen the Great endorsed the villages Șișcăuți on Prut, another Șișcăuți on Hodorin, Sinești, Mareșinți, Nabotnic, Naculi, Mohasani, Leușeuți and Beșani to boyar Petru Braevici and his wife Anușca, daughter of Sima Mihailovici, villages which she inherited from her father.
The author uses the new data provided by the charter and brings up several arguments to prove that Michael of Dorohoi is the son of Roman I and the brother of Alexander the Good.