XII, 2016, 2

Contributions and Corrections Concerning the Epitrachelion with Prophets Donated by Stephen the Great and Bogdan III to Putna Monastery | p. 61–94

embroidery, epitrachelion, prophets, Putna Monastery, Stephen the Great


The present paper continues a series of older studies concerning the epitrachelion with prophets from Putna Monastery, donated by Stephen the Great and his son, Bogdan III, around 1504. It corrects the way the inscription had been read previously and it provides for the correct identification of the prophets and of the embroidered symbols. Furthermore the author discusses the byzantine embroidery technique used for the epitrachelion, which resembles that used for another embroidery from Putna, the Dormition of the Mother of God dvera (1510). Also other similar liturgical objects are brought into discussion.

The author argues that, in the current state of knowledge, the epitrachelion from Putna is the oldest embroidery from the Orthodox world, whose iconography is entirely made of prophets and Old Testament symbols which evoke the person of the Mother of God.