XIII, 2017, 1

Contributions to the History of Moldavian Foreign Affairs between 1484 and 1504. New Sources, New Interpretations | p. 59–76

Diet, Ottoman Empire, Polish Lithuanian Union, protocol, Royal Prussia, Teutonic Order


To this day there are many unknown and insufficiently documented aspects regarding Moldavia’s foreign affairs from 1484 to1504. Because of this, any new source concerning the life and reign of Stephen the Great is welcome. Such is the case of Akta Stanów Prus Królewskich collection, which consists of eight volumes and 12 tomes and was published between 1955 and 1995 in Toruń and Warsaw‑Poznań. It contains the protocols issued by the Diets of the Western Prussian Estates. The Estates had come under the king’s authority since 1457, in the context of The Thirteen Years’ War between the Teutonic Order and The Polish‑Lithuanian Union (1453–1466). Within the protocols and their additional documents (royal decrees, reports, letters), important information concerning Moldavia can be found. The respective charters were issued both by the Prussian Royal Diet and by the king of Poland‑Lithuania and his delegates. They are written in Early New High German and Latin. The most consistent information concerning Moldavia has to do with Stephen the Great’s history of political and military alliance with Poland and the Ottoman affairs during 1484–1504. The present article aims to present this information and its historical context, based on previous results of Romanian historiography. It also intends to make it available to Romanian historians by extensively citing and translating the sources into Romanian.