X, 2014, 1

Notes of an Age. Putna Guestbooks from 1948–1960 | p. 337–356

1948–1960, guestbook, museum, Putna Monastery, Stephen the Great


The guestbooks of Putna Monastery from 1948–1960 are documents created by thousands of visitors, each with his own thoughts and impressions. Among them, prominent lay personalities: Ioan Bogdan, Petre P. Panaitescu, Petre Năsturel, Maria Ana Musicescu, Ion Nestor, Nestor Camariano, Victor Brătulescu and others; as well as ecclesiastical: Metropolitan Sebastian Rusan, the future bishops of Suceava and Vrancea – hierodeacon Epifanie Norocel and hieromonk Pimen Zainea. The embroideries, manuscripts, precious liturgical objects from the museum lead the visitors to numerous reflections: about our nation, about the past, about ecclesiastical art, about holiness, and especially about the personality of Stephen the Great, who embodies all these values. These guestbooks are also a survey of how the Romanians unite around a central personality, around an ancestor honoured as saint.