XVII, 2021, 2

The Manuscript Registers of Monks of the Dragomirna Monastery (1786−1878) | p. 85–96

18th century, 19th century, Dragomirna Monastery, manuscript codices, monastic life


This paper focuses on three manuscript registries dating from the end of the 18th – the beginning of the 19th centuries, kept in the Dragomirna Monastery Archive, with the goal of reconstituting some parts of the monastery life. Each register, written in Romanian with Cyrillic characters, includes more headings and different information categories, from monks’ biographies to political, social, medical and economic realities. The Codices of the Dragomirna Monastery monks represent a palpable and accurate tool for researching the history of the Romanian Orthodox Church and a means to reconstitute the daily monastic life in the 18th and the 19th centuries. They even more important if we take into account that some of the information they contain is unique, while alternative historical sources have disappeared. Getting glimpses of monastic life as it was two centuries ago is a way of getting to know the life of the monastic community, its way of thinking, of praying and of patiently enduring the challenges of history.