VI, 2010, 1

Archaeological Excavations at the Saint Elijah Monastery Church | p. 211–228

1488, archaeological excavations, ceramic roof, exterior decoration, Saint Elijah church


Between 1997 and 1999 several archaeological excavations were performed on the southern and western sides of the Saint Elijah Church near Suceava. On the western side, near the present entrance to the church built by Stephen the Great, there were found the vestiges of a wooden construction, which most probably burned down. Other small discoveries prove that the church had a whole different exterior decoration than today: fragments of ceramic discs, not enamelled, decorated with fighting dragons were found, which would be a premiere in the ceramic decoration of the epoch. Another remarkable discovery is the finding, among fragments of debris and fresco, of rarely large pieces of ceramic roofing tiles and shingles. This proves that at least part of the churches built during the time of Stephen the Great had ceramic rather than, as hitherto postulated, lead or wooden roofs.