VII, 2011, 2

Romanian Books Printed by Metropolitan Dosoftei: Compendium 2505 from the Library of the Putna Monastery | p. 25–52

Church books, Holy Liturgy, metropolitan Dosoftei, old Romanian literature, Putna Monastery


The author briefly presents three Romanian liturgical books printed by Metropolitan Dosoftei of Moldavia (1671–1674; 1675–1686). The first, Liturghierul (1683), has a special text and is extremely rare in Romania, only three exemplars from this edition being extant. The second, Molitvelnic de-nţeles (1681) also has a special text and an autographed note by Metropolitan Dosoftei. The author comments on the last book, Paremiile peste an (1682), especially on the final text about performing liturgical services into Romanian.