XV, 2019, 1

The Campaigns of Stephen Báthory, the Captain of Matthias Corvinus, in Moldavia and Wallachia, in the Summer-Fall of 1476 | p. 51–68

Matthias Corvinus, Mehmed II, Stephen Báthory, Stephen the Great, Vlad Dracula


The alliance between Moldavia and the Kingdom of Hungary (1475–1483/1484) and especially the campaign of the royal captain Stephen Báthory in Moldavia in the summer of 1476 were not thoroughly dealt with by the Romanian historiography of the past century. This was due to the lack of sources on the history of the kingdom of Saint Stephen, on the one hand, and to the interpretation of history through the lens of the ideologies of the 20th century, which are totally inappropriate for understanding the medieval realities, on the other hand. Thus the role and efficacy of this alliance were minimized or outright negated. Nevertheless, the extant sources allow for a detailed account of the military mission sent by Matthias Corvinus to the aid of Stephen the Great and of the military collaboration between the two rulers in the fall of 1476, when they succeeded in regaining Wallachia from the Ottomans, too. The paper analyzes the details about the mobilization and structure of Stephen Báthory’s army, its itinerary and its role in the battles waged by the Christian allies against the Ottomans in Moldavia after the battle from White Valley–Războieni. The second part of the military expedition is also outlined. Its outcome was that the army lead by Stephen Báthory and that lead by Stephen the Great succeeded in recapturing Wallachia and enthroning the dreadful Dracula voievode.