IX, 2013, 1

Archimandrite Teofil Patraş – Portrait „en miettes” | p. 243–254

monastery, N. Iorga, Putna, Stephen the Great, Teofil Patraş


Archimandrite Teofil Patraş (1839–1917), the hegumen of the Putna Monastery at the time of the commemoration of Stephen the Great in 1904, remains a rather little known figure, mostly due to his proverbial modesty. We tried to gather together from the newspapers, scarce as they are, testimonies about him of those people who knew him, mostly writers, all of them portraying a man who labored through word and deed for the cause of the Romanians, for the welfare of the people, for the Holy Spirit’s insufflation over all. A man who masterly oversaw the destiny of the Putna Monastery in those difficult times, Teofil Patraş left good records also outside the Monastery, through his contribution to the construction of the school from Frătăuţii Vechi and of the “Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” Highschool dormitory, through his initiative of building a chapel on top of the Cell of Daniel the Hermit.