IX, 2013, 1

Archbishop Victorin Ursache of America (1912–2001) | p. 269–340

America, CNSAS, missionary, Romanian Orthodox Church, Victorin Ursache, Visarion Puiu


Hierarch Victorin Ursache, buried in the cemetery of the Putna Monastery, was for almost 35 years the canonical (Arch-)Bishop of the Romanians from Northern America. He was a distinguished ambassador of Romanian Orthodoxy, who was respected and honored both by all the hierarchs of the other Orthodox jurisdictions and by the political authorities from the North American continent. This remarkable personality of the Romanian exile from the 20th century was insufficiently and, at times, improperly studied. The present study, the first to be dedicated to him, makes use of two generous archives – the correspondence with Metropolitan Visarion Puiu between 1955 and 1963 and the personal file, SIE-2869, from the National Council for the Study of the Archives of former Secret Police (CNSAS) – in order to bring to light new data and facts about his life and activity, but also to correct some characterizations that were made to him.