VIII, 2012, 1

Other Pilgrimages to Putna between the Two World Wars | p. 269–284

King Michael, pilgrimage, Putna Monastery, Stephen the Great, Tătăraşi Atheneum


The present paper is a completion of a previous one, published in “Analele Putnei”, 1/2007, which measured the impact of the Putna Monastery, of the tomb of Stephen the Great, on the numerous pilgrims which went there between the two World Wars. The survey, after several new contributions to the period up to 1925, ends in 1939, the day before the beginning of World War II, documenting the trips organized by groups of teenagers, students, members of some international congresses, infantry, traditional pilgrims from the Tătăraşi Popular Atheneum (Iassy), individual guests from Romania or abroad, the Great Voievode Michael.