XVII, 2021, 2

Alexandrina Magheru-Haralamb and the 1871 Putna Celebration | p. 49–58

1871 Putna Celebration, Alexandrina Haralamb, Epaminonda Bucevschi, Putna Monastery, textiles


The present article sheds light on Alexandrina Haralamb, General Gheorghe Magheru’s daughter, who was very involved in the 1871 Putna Celebration. In addition to donating money for the event, Alexandrina ordered a flag of three-colored silk on which painter Epaminonda Bucevschi painted the portrait of Stephen the Great, the founder of Putna Monastery. Described by contemporaries as an exceptional piece – both in form and meaning, the flag, which was kept at Stephen the Great’s tomb, was lost in time. A detailed description of it can be found in a document dated January 19/31, 1872, which is transliterated, translated and partially published in the present article.