XVII, 2021, 2

The Holy Table cover (inventory no 19) from Putna Monastery. History in little pieces | p. 7–30

brocade, Holy Table cover, princely vestments, Putna Monastery, Stephen the Great


The present study analyzes a Holy Table cover from the patrimony of Putna Monastery. The item is thought to have been made of pieces of princely vestments from the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th. It is made of 57 fragments of different dimensions and three types of Italian brocades.
The authors argue that at least some of the fragments of textile come from an older Holy Table cover, probably from the time of Stephen the Great’s reign. Two hypotheses are proposed for the moment of its remaking in the actual form: for the consecration of the altar (1655), which was officated after the monastery church was rebuilt during the reigns of Vasile Lupu and Gheorghe Ștefan; or at the time of the ample rebuilding works made by Metropolitan Jacob of Putna (1755-1772).