VII, 2011, 1

A Donation from Jacob of Putna and Its Significations | p. 191–204

18th century, Basil Herescu, donation, godson, Ilie Herescu, Jacob of Putna, spiritual relative


The subject of the present study is a donation from the middle of the 18th century. The original document can be found in the Documente collection of the Iaşi National Archives and, though very common at first glance, it hides several very meaningful aspects regarding the life, the family and the beliefs of the most celebrated hierarch of the time – Metropolitan Jacob of Putna. The document, dated the 30th of August 1757, is about half of the Codreşti village, the Cârligătura region, which the Metropolitan donates to his godson, Basil, the son of Ilie Herescu. The analysis of the document, supported by additional sources, explains how Jacob acquired the goods, so as not to be blamed for usurping the institution he headed. It also stipulates the dispositions to be followed for the succession of the property and for the commemorations that should be made in his name. From the genealogical point of view the document provides new data about the Metropolitan’s and the beneficiary’s family, the latter being a nephew of Bishop Dositei Herescu. The document, which ends with a long curse upon those who would disobey the wishes of the donor, is a beautiful and interesting instance of social history, which highlights once again the affinities of the high hierarchs of the time.