VI, 2010, 1

“Our Faithful Boyars”. Genealogical Connections in the Council of Stephen the Great | p. 253–282

family, genealogy, Middle Age, Moldavian boyars, Stephen the Great


This paper continues previous research on the genealogy of the boyars of Stephen the Great. We traced only kinship and marriage alliances between them, in order to create an edifying genealogy chart. Considering the work of other researchers, we dealt in detail only with a few hitherto overlooked dignitaries: Sima Zbiarea (1466–1498), Cozma Moghilă (1491–1513), Iaţcu Hudici (1456–1492), Şandru Tolcico (1449–1467), Purece (1491–1494), Luca Arbure (1498–1523), Crasnăş (1458–1467) and Dragoş Boul (1478–1491) – the years represent the period they appeared in the princely council.


Up to now, the vast genealogical chart comprises 35 boyars out of more than 110 that were members of the council of Stephen the Great sometime between 1457 and 1504, not counting many others that held no official position. The 35 councilors are the offspring of nearly 30 boyars who were, in their turn, members of the princely councils sometime between the last decades of the 14th century and the beginning of the reign of Stephen the Great. These genealogical findings reveal old family and influence structures, transmitted hereditary, which lay at the basis of the government of Moldavia.